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Brenda Minge


  • Stored Memory Access Retrieval Technology Therapist / Trainer

  • Nursing BSN

  • Family Development

  • Relaxation / Hypnotherapy

  • NeuroLinguistics Processing (NLP)

  • EFT/ TFT Tap Therapy

  • Life Coach

What the Therapy Consists of:

Thank you for your interest in Stored Memory Access Retrieval Technique (SMART)Therapy. Your therapy session will include the following services. Should you ever have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Brenda.

Initial Consultation

Completing all paperwork and understanding the therapy process

SMART Therapy Session

Please understand the session takes as long as it takes. We work at your pace.

10 days Post Therapy Self DIscovery

We offer 10 days of Self Discovery post-therapy to help you continue to process changes in the mind/body connections and behaviors. You will find every day will offer new enlightenment from the past triggers and traumas.

24/7 Availability to Clients

Brenda always makes herself available to our clients. No question too great or too small.

Long Term Self Discovery

Brenda does offer long-term Self Discovery for those interested in continuing to work with her in further self-exploration.


"When dealing with chemical imbalance we address the underlying cause of the chemical imbalance in coordination with the pre-existing trauma"

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