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Perception of Past

In a grain of sand, we can see earth’s history like a holographic image in its crystalline structure.

Crystalline structures transmit signals from the brain throughout the body. In a sick person, the body is composed of almost 50 % crystalline structures and 50% water. They are loaded with stuck memory. These crystals, which are held in the body, are those memory traces of which the individual refuses to let go of.

It is like that part of them is psychopathic and consistently and continually lives in the past. They cannot forget their past; they are upset with it because they live with it. It lives inside of them.

This type of person harbours his past as a crystal; he views his past like a gem. It is a mockery of a diamond existing within his body, for crystals do have facets and gleams to them. This person can not get healthy, mentally, physically and or energetically because he cannot live without his past, he feels he cannot live without his crystals.

These structures will conglomerate in certain areas and will cause so much noise and static interference in the operation of the body as to almost completely shut it down.

Electric is a particle, a fragment, a spark, a break phenomenon. When we strike a rock, especially flint or quartz, a spark flies off. The connection has been broken. Electric sparks are whittled, chipped off the magnet.

When we say someone has “excess electric charge” we mean they have a lot of excess electric that isn’t balanced with the magnetic flow; they have a lot of breaks.

What was broken to create that? We were once a whole electromagnetic unit and now we aren’t. How can a human being have a break?

Through loss, you had money let’s say in the stock market and now it’s gone. Pieces of it were taken. You had a nice romantic partner and then they broke it off and went away. In these cases, you are left with excess electric, or charge.

In life, the only thing that creates charge, that creates symptoms, is electric and the only way to create electric is to have breaks.

Breaks are traumatic events of one degree or another. Each of us has our own circumstances and history so we view our breaks differently but we all feel it. It is expressed as symptoms, either pain ( added pressure ) or sensations ( lack of, or missing pressure).

The New Era of CXAI Technology and Actual Intelligence will allow scientists to understand how the individual is connected to the chromosomes and gene structures within the Influential Matrix.

Altering DNA

It is vitally important that we realise we are capable of atomically changing the chromosomal patterns. Science has been working with these ideas for quite some time. No one knows what the ramifications will be for this type of genetic experimentation on physical levels.

The changes in DNA any physical means is one thing but the utter disconnection of control between the DNA-RNA and the consciousness of the person is probably the most difficult and most important concept to understand and grasp in our lifetime.

This is a serious matter. We are not just thinking about this anymore, it is now possible to do so on a more biophysical level. Now this may be far fetched to some scientists but by understanding the in depth influential matrix and genetic memory of thought patterns, you not only alter your own patterns but the programs of your children and all of the people in your genetic past as well. They all get the quantum entanglement type effect. Even the people that died 50 or 500 years ago. Because the are still there, in your DNA.

It is crucial to understand that we live in a space-time continuum. We’ve got a cookie cutter situation here, where an impregnation on space is being made of this moment in time. Then, where does it go ?

It goes into another dimension, into TIME. It slides. We virtually have a continuous creation of energy, moment to moment to moment.

Stay Electrically Inspired and always

Stay in the Matrix


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