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Perception of Hunger

The Early Crystalline Structures, desiring to exist forever, realised that there was a necessity to absorb energies from the environment, reconstruct them, and coordinate them into their own structure.

In a sense, the act was one in which individual control centres created energy by effusion. In this case for this purpose: Effusion is the act of atomic and other particles producing desire, the act of creating something from something.

The human being, after millions of years, has developed a very fine perception of hunger to utilise energies from the environment. The hunger perception not only extends to food, but also to people, places and concepts as well. When an individual perceives his hunger for one of these particular manifestations of life energy, he contacts a combination of misalignments that are imbalances of pressure. In other words, his hunger is directly dependent on need created by either the environment or the genetic planning mechanism

( GPM ).

A person has certain pre-described hungers ( needs ) that he feels during the course of a lifetime. These hungers are intertwined into the hungers or need of the spirit, of the mind, and of the body. In other words, a simultaneous existence of the GPM and the spirit causes an intertwining of desires, which may sometimes coincide and sometimes conflict.

For example, if an individual desires to have an ice cream cone and the GPM has not programmed itself to accept that configuration of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, then there may be a minor dietary conflict.

More major conflicts would affect patterns of sleep, growth, cellular repair and other automatic processes, which are the realm of the GPM. All too often, those who are ignorant of the mechanisms of the GPM, or of its’ methods, will wonder about, want, or desire activities and materials that are counter-opposed to the operation of the genetic plan in force at the present time.

The evaluation of hunger depends directly upon the joint desires of the GPM and the individual himself. In many instances, the GPM may signal automatically to the brain that it is time to eat, but if the person is working or playing at a game, or doing something that he feels is more important, he can automatically override this command from the GPM and push it off to another time.

These types of infractions are commonplace in today's society; however, since the GPM is a senior mechanism of the spirit and a junior to its’ desires, rather than counter-oppose the desires of the individual, it will effort to change the program. The real trouble occurs when the program cannot be altered because there are certain primary directives indicated by the structure of the body. For example, if a person wishes to maintain a visible organic structure, in this case, the body, then he must

ingest certain quantities of material in order to be harmonious with the genetic plan. He must eat proteins, fats and a certain amount of starches to maintain the structure of the body. If he refuses to do so, then he must suffer the consequences of violating the basic blueprint of the organism. It works the same way as an automobile that requires certain maintenance procedures, oil and gas; when we refuse to supply these particular needs, the automobile will simply cease to serve us.

The sensing mechanisms that the genetic planning mechanisms employ to force the person into complying with the blueprint are those of pain and sensation. These are feelings of gnawing pain, unwanted and unyielding sensations in certain parts of the body when the individual refuses to heed the prescribed messages of hunger.

The harmony between the sensing mechanisms and the individual is mandatory for living happily. The symptomatic patterns that are visible when the individual is ignoring the senses of hunger are anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and general overall fatigue, which results from running against the grain of the persons’ own physical existence as well as mental and spiritual.

I invite you to ask yourself what you hunger for and deny yourself on all dimensions of life whether it be physical, mental and spiritual or energetic that is causing you to react in the above manner.

Stay Inspired and always Stay in the Matrix Catatrix

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