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New Era of CXAI Technology

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

No one lives in continuous time. We live in “Moments of Time”. As many of us have experienced: Memories have no time, they linger and circulate and one must ponder upon whether this moment is real, or if it is merely a confusing conglomerate mass of thought that has manifested into your individual reality.

As we search deep within the human matrix, we must not fear what lies beneath the veil of self-deception, for we mustn’t keep what we find there. We must allow the hidden abilities of our immense human capacity to be revealed to us.

In understanding the concept of time, there are 24 hours in a day as we know it.

Although there are many organs and glands in the human body, there are 24 major-specific ones that we know of, that create the chain reactions of these linear moments of time.

Energy must be focused in a specific direction in order for its purpose to be fulfilled.

At the moment of tension - at tension (attention) a ‘type’ of pole is creating the energy. It is either a Monopole, Dipole or Multipole.

Some moments remain in our memory as monopoles (one track thinking) , dipoles ( polarities) and multipoles (conglomerate masses) and others maintain their momentum and leave us (moments that have not created an influential experience enough to remain a constant ). Thus, the phrase: I feel being pulled in many directions.

What remains are conglomerate masses of Multipole Expansions that have created our present reality. The term “Multipole Expansions” in physics are widely used in problems involving gravitational fields off systems of masses, electric, magnetic fields of charge and current distributions, and the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Life works the same way.

How does one go from the Macro understanding of the Physics of Life as we know it, towards that Quantum Leap of living in the Highest Paradigm of the Universal Matrix?

The changes in DNA by physical means is one thing, but the utter disconnection of control between the DNA-RNA and the consciousness of the person is probably the most difficult and most important concept to understand and grasp in our lifetime.

The fact that the human brain can change its own structure and function with thought and experience, turning on its own genes to change its circuitry, re-organize itself and change its operation, is the most important alteration in our understanding of the brain in 400 years.

Yet Humanity has been confused by the “Weight of Information” and Blinded by the Light instead of understanding what is written there.

The Majesty of Photography can project our many worlds (Photon = Light and Graphy = to write) for that moment in time is written in the light and your DNA projects those stories written in Bundles of Light called Quanta as you project your stories to the world. The ones you remember and the ones that are still within your cosmic amnesia.

We must avoid the “Weight of Information” at all costs. When information is not utilized, you are then not able to make it into usable energy thus weighing you down. This turns into toxic residue in which the energetic field is occupied with consuming, directing and executing unusable energies. Just like the body in which it must use its’ energy source (food) and discard the rest, so must the mental and energy fieldwork in parallel.

Unusable information = Unusable energy = catatonic states on all dimensions. Body, Mind, Spirit. Spirit is thought of differently than the soul. Spirit is what is empowered once the body and mind are using the information and fuel at optimal levels. As the saying goes: THAT’S the SPIRIT.... Meaning that your body, mind and energy field are in a state of empowerment, flowing with the fuel and energy it has been making use of.

Soul can be thought of as an infinite being where all energy has been lost on all 3 levels and therefore it has no place within that space, for it requires all 3 for its experience in life to carry over its infinite memories.

It is mandatory to our existence to evaluate and understand what part of your Emotional, Physical and Mental Immune Systems are Defenceless against these viral attacks of information.

Man is the only mammal on earth afraid to be himself forever trying to be another species of human and afraid of Love. Man only feels safe on the stage of his own show, happy to never reveal what lies in the curtain of his mind.

Showing what he needs the least and Hiding what he needs the most. What is not realized is that it’s far too tiring to live like that. It erodes the psyche and massacres the heart. We have a limited time on this earth and we must understand the Forces of Light within our own matrix so that we can observe the entities that prevent us from greater heights.


The English word "Mind" doesn’t say anything, it’s just one generic word that does not describe different dimensions of what the mind is. Mind is not just one something sitting here doing something. What you are calling now as "mind" is intelligence and memory. You definitely don’t remember how your great great great great great grandmother looked like, but her nose is sitting on your face right now.

You don’t remember a thing consciously but your body remembers 100% how 10 generations ago how your grandmother was, a million years ago how your forefathers were. Your mind is not capable of this kind of memory.

Your body has a trillion times more memory than your brain. This whole shift between the brain and intellectual process is a western world malice. They gave too much significance to THOUGHT.

This happened because they lived under a subjugated society where you’re not supposed to think anything other than what’s written in some book.

Let’s understand the context of thought: You can only think from the data that you already have gathered. That means you can never think of anything new. You can recycle it, rehash it, you can produce permutations and combinations of it. It is not in the nature of the thought to come up with something new. It can only recycle the past. It means that if you dedicate yourself to your thought process you are ensuring nothing new ever happens in your life. So thought must not be celebrated like this.

Life is a much more intelligent process than intellect itself. Intellect is something to which we give too much significance to and we will pay an enormous price for this. You will come to a place where you know everything but you know nothing of life’s significance.

Today you will see this happening to children, for the first time you will see in this generation, 10 or 11-year-old children look bored. When you were 10 or 11 you didn’t know what boredom was, it was too exciting to be alive and looking around. Because by the time they are 15 nowadays they have already had one love affair, tasted alcohol and have no reason to grow up and live for these things and many more experiences.

If too much information happens to you without experience the exuberance will be gone. Then a false sense of knowing becomes so strong in you. This is the danger of intellect. Intellect wants to dissect everything. Intellect is like a sculptor, the sharper it is the better it is, it wants to dissect and know. Life can not be known by breaking it up, you can know physical things by breaking them up. You can not know life by breaking it into pieces but this is the nature of the intellect.

The strength of the identity you have created for yourself will create the sharpness of the intellect but it doesn’t mean it will always be effective. A sharp knife without a steady hand will cause a serious amount of damage.

Human suffering is merely not knowing how to hold this sharp knife. That is why self-help books sell so much because it’s all about self-inflicting intellect.

We are oblivious to it all, the death, the lies, the cries of nature and spirits among mankind, powerful sweet repose we will regret our oblivious nature when the bill comes due and we pay dearly with our lives for our folly and blind mentality, denial of truth, science, and the corruption of faith as we climb into our ivory towers and join our tribes of national identity for truth and humanity. We'll throw stones and sticks or pull semi-automatics to prove one is bigger than the other in a measuring match... Still, just a primitive primate screaming in the room of technology we are oblivious to our own reek of insanity, industry, or denial of facts over fiction. We are oblivious to it all, the death, the lies, the cries of nature and spirits among mankind, in powerful sweet repose we lie, all because we were afraid to love oneself or one another that we were also oblivious to.

The Peer Reviewed Award-Winning CXAI Technology which is an Actual Intelligence Technology that reads the Quanta in both recent and genetic memory will merge with all biological sciences to reveal mysteries such as coma, sleep, people under anaesthesia, and offer help to non-verbal people. Infants will soon have a birth certificate and an IMatrix Report which is an Influential Matrix reading of sequential thought patterns from genetic memory which will give incredible insight into optimising human potential.

Not only is this done in Humans but also in Animals. This is now also being researched in plants, trees and anything in Nature that has memory.