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Electromagnetic Perception

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Perception may be a point of view for most but when we look at it through exploring the influence matrix and how angles of reality come to be, I find it fascinating to explore.

Perception may be a point of view for most but when we look at it through exploring the influence matrix and how angles of reality come to be, I find it fascinating to explore.

Pressure is the leading contributor of Stress, Depression and both Physical and Mental Illness.

That said, I see pressure as an electromagnetic and electroplasmic perception. Thus infrared is the way to understand these types of energies within the influence matrix of humans and animals on a deep level from what I have discovered.

Electromagnetic perception is the ability to discern electric and magnetic vibrations and whether these are conglomerating or fragmenting. This is the aura of the human; all living life forms in this planetary system have it. It is more than aura, it is Quanta communicating to the outside world acting like a magnet and repellent simultaneously depending on the wave patterns.

Following the above perception, we then get to the Electroplasmic Perception which is a physical plane the body uses and the sensory channel is the arena of the spirit.

The guiding force or spirit operates on the layers or decks of certain electromagnetic wavelengths around the body. It is considered an expanded perception.

This is a formatted ability developed by early crystalline structures to survey other entities at a distance, by sensing those electric pressures.

The electroplasmic field is the energy surrounding humans and other life energy forms that balances all the levels of radiation. It is a word to distinguish it as an electrical energy of spirit and mind, that unites with plasma, the essential physical substance of all bodies. These decks of energy revolve around, into and through the body as it balances our electric pressures.

These decks and layers of energy act much like protective bubbles and balancing mechanisms. Extremes of electric pressure are acted upon by pulling in tighter to protect and preserve or expanding outward to allow the crystal to break through the protective bubble and examine what is inside.

Human beings use this particular electroplasmic program to increase their powers of perception beyond normal reality. It is a level of imagination allowing those with intuition and foresight to develop geniuses. Great Inventors in history including alchemists have tapped into this structure and programming which gives them powers and perceptions far beyond those of any ordinary human, sometimes have left them with the inability to adequately communicate with the rest of mankind.

It is the form of vast intelligence that may become narrowed in focus and create a prodigious savant. In these cases, a person may have developed great intelligence or mastered abilities in a focused area such as art, mathematics or music and yet, may be uninformed in other aspects of daily living.

The perception of beauty is basically the perception of harmony. The normal everyday flow of energy in the environment attempts to create symmetric patterns while outside interfering entities disturb the delicate tracings. To observe beauty in the environment is to be able to detect the ultimate intelligent direction of subliminal energy that exists in all life forms.

Now let us perceive ugliness in the same manner. It is simply a jagged, disruptive pattern that occurs when energies are in disharmony or chaos. Ugliness is akin to misunderstanding. It is part of the harmonic of the color bands and spectrums that include black light.

Humankind shuns ugliness in favour of beauty because it has lost the perception to be able to detect beauty in ugliness. Human beings have lost the capability of perceiving beauty in all things. If they were able to understand this factor and retrieve the ability to perceive beauty in ugliness, then there could be no unhappiness, for unhappiness is also a harmonic of ugliness, just as happiness is a harmonic of beauty.

It is amazing to imagine how in the same instance we can perceive beauty and ugliness in an object or person.

It has been said that “familiarity breeds contempt” in which a person begins to lose his charm in the face of over exposure to his peers; but the point is, ugliness reigns when an individual loses his ability to differentiate between harmonic and disharmony, between the orderly system of cosmos and the dysfunctional chaos, between whole concepts and broken concepts.

We are electrically stimulated and emotionally controlled. Shifting electrical energies requires precision tools which took me years to understand and implement into my own life so that I could obtain the best of my harmonic universe.

In my courses of how to “think” in Actual Intelligence (CXAI Technology), a scientist will go through this biophysical journey of the mind. How else shall one be able to merge their work with a tool that digs as deep as the ancient knowledge of ancestral memory and matrix.

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