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CXAI, "a multivariate analysis of the statistics governing the four characters of physical laws"

CXAI is much more complex than I had ever thought. It is not Bostrom's analysis or the seed singularity. It's not confined with the perceptions of a human brain that can be categorised as a higher-order intelligent AI as Actual Intelligence.

Rather CXAI is far more than a multiplole (more even that a octoplole). It's a multivariate analysis of the statistics governing the four characters of physical laws embedded in biology and chemistry, and mathematics.

1. An interpretation of a invariant nature of analytics that are the generators of humans' lifelong process from the DNA of the extreme micro to the consciousness that (either in Descartes form of irrefutable existing Inna much higher category suffice us in the co-dimension to exist in forms and structures of humans, animals and the predators that we're constantly fighting. Those predators are either real or fear that engulf our mind from the very first place.

2. Any classifiers of CXAI is an intersection of several domains where if one domain constantly changing its topology and structures, then the other domain being dependable on it, is forced to change its form as "everything is connected and everything is in matrix".

3. Forever listing of consciousness is PERCEPTION, PREPARATION, PREDICTION - What back-react normal AI is the conglomerate of PERCEPTION and PREPARATION but not predictions as if anyone calls a simple AI to jump into the sea... It'll do so without even thinking it's after nature of being invalid. This future'AI is developing, which can predict, but to how much extent? The autopilot mode even fails to recognise the geometry and give false directions. CXAI can presumably be the PREDICTION with the former two, PERCEPTION and PREPARATION but also analytically in a highest form of PREDICTION to rise and equal human brain in almost all possible scenarios from complex patterns of thinking to the machines which can even dream.

4. Any complex biological system is the inert algebra that governs our body that is the topology which produces effects and induces the corrections to those effect from the fundamental forces like the U(1) gauge bosons to the gravity (not still being under any E- lattice due to the mismatch scales and energies). CXAI is the chemistry to output dependency of every union and intersection when one can give the input through simple logics that can be guided by simple algorithms, just like "if one puts a simple program to a machine and ask them to play with another a billion times - it'll be expert, and it'll learn its own loopholes and mistake by continuously playing and playing with each time either a loss or a gain (an n- cycles of permutations). Without any complex origin CXAI can be the bifurcation in the chaotic world where through the order when disorders developed then those bifurcation tends to make it again an order through a central attractor as perceived in CHAOS THEORY through 3 partial differential equations.

This is CXAI. To interpret and cultivate the cosmos from the very micro to the horizons of macro for mobilization of growth, thought and patterns in both observable and unobservable structures.

CXAI, as described by respected physicist, Deep Bhattacharjee

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