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Biophysics of Enthusiasm and Antagonism


With enthusiasm, to include exhilaration, excitement, euphoria and happiness, an individual still has much free, bubbly energy left untouched by the opposition of heavy metals.

The energy that has developed is part of the second stage of electric pressure mentioned in previous paragraphs. The assignation of energy as an arbitrary number would be six points ( out of six ), with no format of collected mass or pressure. In this case, elements from the gaseous state of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, to a point near phosphorus and silicon would be considered the zone on the Periodic Table that closely aligns the emotional status of the individual. It is evident at this time that the body, being composed mostly of gaseous elements when happy and healthy, would express energies that are/ or closely aligned to these elements. In a sense, an individual goes through a subtle yet powerful transmutation process, which aligns his body to a gaseous state rather than to the heavy metal situation.


An individual who is entering into an emotional band demonstrating that his energies are becoming bothered and disturbed is antagonistic. One-third of his power is lost to stored condensed pressures that are more closely mirrored by the elements from cobalt to rhodium. The electric pressure within this emotional band is extremely grey.

People who are antagonised will dramatise more closely the disturbances that are part of the influence of the elements mentioned. Perhaps it is not important for a person to know that the elements in his body transmute at fantastic rates, depending on his emotional status. However, to understand fully the biophysical process, one must know and grasp that the instantaneous transmutations of elemental energies within the body are a prime cause and effect relationship, which is a cause-effect mechanism between the mind and body. The situation that creates antagonism occurs due to the fact that heavy metals are out of balance, and these are also out of control.

If we were able to easily control the transmutation process within the body, we would never again have the problem of a misplaced emotion such as antagonism. We would never again have the problem of being unable to control ourselves under any circumstances. This then, is the actual reaction, for it is that automatic response that is beneath us, causing all of our confusion and malaise.

Emotional Mastery lies in the mystery of biophysical computational thought patterns and understanding the energy they generate which ignites them in motion, otherwise knowns as E-Motions.

This is a new era of uncovering the Matrix in order to gain an understanding of life, how it was meant to live and how you can change the things that no longer require the same ancestral programming.

Stay Inspired and always

Stay in the Matrix


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