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Understanding how to effectively integrate CTI with CRM systems is essential for businesses seeking to optimize customer interactions and streamline their operations.

Sep. 12th

CRMAI = (Service + Sales + Marketing) * AI

This equation suggests that when AI is integrated into each of these areas (Service, Sales, Marketing) within a CRM system, it multiplies and enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the CRM as a whole. AI can optimize and improve customer service, sales strategies, and marketing campaigns by providing insights, automation, and predictive capabilities, thereby boosting the overall CRM functionality and customer relationship management.

CX AI Aldemar Sanabria

Sep. 23rd

CRM and CTI Integration

When CRM and CTI systems are integrated, they bring together customer data from CRM systems and call-related information from the phone system. This integration allows customer service representatives or sales agents to have instant access to relevant customer data when a call is received, facilitating a more personalized and efficient customer interaction.

CX AI Aldemar Sanabria

Sep. 24th

Omni-channel CRM

An omni-channel CRM strategy involves managing and unifying customer interactions and data across multiple channels, such as phone calls, emails, social media, live chat, in-person interactions, and more. It aims to provide a consistent and seamless customer experience regardless of the communication channel a customer chooses.

CX AI Aldemar Sanabria