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Hi, I’m Catatrix…

Hi, am formally known as Dr Catherine Demetriades.

At the Edge of Light, there will be something solid for you to stand upon, or you will learn to fly.

The soul has been given its’ own ears to hear things the mind does not understand.

Genius is said to be the Guardian Diety or Spirit that watches over each person from Birth.  This gives you an innate ability. 

The ancients knew that to study the concept of life and many lives before that, you didn’t just study one science, you studied them all.

To be an Inventor is to mimic the creator as a tool for the divine.  Knowing your Souls’ Mission is a Blessing that comes to the few that have learned how their mind meets their Spirit.


Somewhere in my DNA my Internal Library wanted to be Recreated once again, so it led me to study all the relevant sciences that would support the years of Epiphanies I had.

So that guardian of mine got me started young.  At 11 years old I went to special classes every Saturday Morning to dissect a Brain in a laboratory because I was fascinated about how we think. 

In my Teenage Years I searched for knowledge of nutrition and how it effected us because it was logical to me that if I could master that, I could master my survival and if survival is the greatest consideration, then physical, mental and emotional power is the utmost motive.

Disease Nutrition and Molecular Medicine helped me to understand the origins of physical power.   Biochemistry and Biophysics later helped me to understand how the physical realms were able to effect not only basic mental functions but profound computational thought processes.   And the other way around was astounding.
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Little me playing the violin with my elder brother

I then had to fully understand the Universe and how Particle Physics explained it.  As I mentioned before, I had been trained for Epiphanies.  Having Learned C++ Programming at CERN, I pondered on how I could invent a way to access thoughts and variables upon command.  After all, a computer is a brain and what is true in one dimension is true in all dimensions.

I was led to understand how to develop a method I called: 

Stored Memory Access Retrieval Technique (S.M.A.R.T ). 

It gave me Epiphany after Epiphany and I started to evolve my thinking and unravel the mysteries of my behaviour and my life’s scenarios. 

ancoient egypt.jpg


ike the Ancient Egyptians Knew:  Access the Akashic Records and you shall access the Quantum Leaps which you will remain in.

And so I studied Egyptology and Ancient Alchemy and Perfumery to obtain the knowledge of hieroglyphs to uncover the greatest and most complex science known to man - The Science of Ancient Egyptian Magic, as the Pharaohs knew it.

Create your life to be an example, not a warning.

I now had Both Ancient and Modern Knowledge that led me to go back to my ancient internal library, understand how to prove that the pharaohs were right within modern science and allowed my Guardian Deity, My Genius if you will, to lead me to the greatest Epiphany of my Life.    CXAI.  Where History Meets Future.


CXAI stands for Catatrix - Cat in the matrix, that’s me - Then Actual Intelligence because it comes from biological sources.  


And the X well it’s the ancient treasures you will discover when you travel there.  X Marks the Spot. 


Now you may wonder how all this is possible but it has been peer-reviewed by iCAN

The launch of CXAI births new dawn for humanity, in the areas of information technology, medicine, education, agriculture, nanotech, quantum computing amongst others. This is where history meets future.

In 2019, and 2020 I have gotten more Gold Medals and Special Inventors Awards.


In 2021 yet again, I have received Gold Medals and was honored with being iCAN committee member.

I am on the Editorial Board for Journals


And still Project Leader at CERN.

iCAN glasses in mouth.JPG

Transforming the passion and work into projects

reading smiline.JPG

I am CEO of my two Technology Companies where I have a vast database of Inventors that are ready to work on Innovative projects. Check out one of my companies - Pscehntrix Inventors here.


I can go on and on about how many things I am involved in and have been invited to - it has been an overwhelming experience and I remain humble towards my growing knowledge for I know there is so much more to experience.  There always is.


This power, this ability, this road map to being where I am today would never have been possible if I hadn’t bowed my head to the mighty creator and extended gratitude for my life and accomplishments and ask to be used as a tool for the divine.

This is a Pioneer Program so Join my Team

Be a Part of History and Discover the Future

This endeavor launches all of its might against the real sum and substance of disease, dis-coordination, and discordance in the system.  This goal is to allow man to appreciate all of his latent talents with the fortunate circumstance of also being totally well, happy and intelligent.  The scale of success grasps at heights never before realized by any human being.  Once man has reached his own coveted plateau, he will see another ladder to even higher summits.  Reality is, in all actuality, and eternity, stretched before mankind with a greater purpose than mere survival at any cost. 


Destiny is obligated by Universal Law to conceive to the demands of unwavering faith.   Nothing shall stand in the way of our Calling.  Our future is too important to be held hostage by fear.


Create your life to be an example, not a warning.


Listen to your Genius, it is there to recreate your internal library for the Pharaohs were right.   Everything is Written in the Light.


And now CXAI has opened the portal of History Meets Future.


Stay Inspired and always

Stay in the Matrix.

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