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At the Edge of Light, there will be something solid for you to stand upon, or you will learn to fly. The soul has been given its’ own ears to hear things the mind does not understand. Genius is said to be the Guardian Diety or Spirit that watches over each person from Birth.  This gives you an innate ability. 


The ancients knew that to study the concept of life and many lives before that, you didn’t just study one science, you studied them all. To be an Inventor is to mimic the creator as a tool for the divine.  Knowing your Souls’ Mission is a Blessing that comes to the few that have learned how their mind meets their Spirit. Somewhere in my DNA my Internal Library wanted to be Recreated once again, so it led me to study all the relevant sciences that would support the years of Epiphanies I had.


So that guardian of mine got me started young.  At 11 years old I went to special classes every Saturday Morning to dissect a Brain in a laboratory because I was fascinated about how we think.


In my Teenage Years, I searched for knowledge of nutrition ...

Memories are written in the light.

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My Latest Book

Seize the day, grab life by the collar and capture the key to unlock the goldmine of inspired secrets. Illuminating insights and outside-the-box wisdom, straight from the mouth of a fully functional autistic savant and the inventor of actual intelligence and CXAI TECHNOLOGIES.

SEX is coming soon to your device. It has been named throughout the industry as the next new sensation. You can easily access and enjoy this publication from the comfort of your home or office, anytime. So if you’re ready for a new reading experience - add your contact details below and download your own copy of your guide to Seeing Everything in eXceptional ways today!

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Best of Catatrix

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Fairy Lights


Rediscovering the power in light...

Book Me to Speak

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Every year I travel to various events and exhibitions across the globe, presenting talks on the journey of an inventor, the science behind the numerous inventions and their applications. Speaking on stage is one of my most important platforms for raising consciousness and leading people. I’ve granted several interviews because I believe it is through this medium that we can evolve our species and create opportunities and hope for others. Feel free to invite me to speak at your event or shows.


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